By Capt. Mark Howard, SumoTime Fishing Charters

Fishing during May around Anna Maria Island is a great time to catch a variety of species on the inshore waters of Tampa Bay.

Mr Darwin Weinke with a nice 30" redfish.Mr Darwin Weinke with a nice 30" redfish.

Snook ,Trout ,and Redfish will be feeding ferociously on live bait . Look for the Snook and Redfish to be up in the Mangroves on the higher tides and the Speckled Trout to be in sea grass areas with 2-6ft of water.

Spanish Mackerel are in Tampa Bay. Sharks  have made a push into Tampa Bay with many Blacktips, Spinners, Bull ,and Lemon Sharks cruising the deep edges of the ship channel and  off the beaches.

Tarpon will make a show this month off the beaches and in the passes. To catch Tarpon  off the beach, it is imperative to have a stealthy quite approach to the fish. A live crab , pinfish,shiner, threadfin, or jumbo shrimp  will stir the  the hunger pains in these majestic fish.

Timothy Langham, Orlando, with a nice 32" redfish.Timothy Langham, Orlando, with a nice 32" redfish.

May is one of my favorite months to fish the Anna Maria Island areas as the weather is moderate and  sunny  with clam winds and smooth seas.

Captain Mark Howard

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