Steve McInturff With A Yellowtail Snapper
Steve McInturff With A Yellowtail Snapper

By Steve McInturff

On July 31st, Islander’s Steve and Barbara McInturff, and their daughter, Britton, were guests of family friends Ruth Hudson and her son, Robert, for an offshore Gulf fishing trip aboard the Hudson family’s 42-foot Cabo, “Diana Maria.”

The weather was sensational, with very light winds, no storms, and almost-flat sea conditions. The water was a wonderful deep blue color and clear as gin. Just another one of those days when you take a deep breath, close your eyes and say, “I love it out here.”

The targeted species for the day was snapper.  More specifically, Yellowtail Snapper.  While in the past, we have experienced more successful yellowtail fishing days in terms of the number caught, this day the size of the yellowtail made up for the lack of numbers.

The mid-to-late summer heat can oftentimes slow the bite, and one must fish really hard to be successful. Additionally, the super-clear water can make fooling the eagle-eyed snappers a challenge.  Leader materials as light as 15-pound test had to be employed, which can increase one’s chances of a successful hook-up, but naturally will result in easy break-offs. (Especially when your hook-up is being chased by the ever-present barracuda searching for the easy meal.)

In all, 11 very nice yellowtails were added to the fish box.  The catch of the day also included the usual mixed bag of red grouper, amberjacks, sharks, barracuda, and mangrove snapper.  Another fun day, offshore, 30 miles west of an island we know as paradise